“Patent Agents have passed the same USPTO Patent Bar Exam as attorneys.”

Patent Agents are less expensive than Patent Attorneys!

  • Patent Agents usually have more real world industry experience than attorneys. Most attorneys are interested in the practice of law, and only have a ‘paper’ engineering degree for “talking the talk,” but only a few years experience “walking the walk” if at all.

  • A Patent Agent with engineering experience can rapidly appreciate what your invention does, how it works, and how competitors may try to copy it. Fencing off imitations and cheap knock-offs of your invention helps your product stand out better in its market.

  • Patent Agents have taken and passed the same USPTO Patent Bar Exam as attorneys. They have the same level of competence at practicing patent law before a USPTO patent examiner.
  • Patent Agent vs Patent Attorney

    Patent Agent
    A Patent Agent represents you and your invention before the US Patent Office
    Patent Attorney
    A Patent Attorney can represent you before a judge and other (third) parties

    About Guy Letourneau

    "That Patent Guy"®
    Us Patent Agent & Professional Engineer

    Over 30 years experience in mechanical engineering including two dozen patentable inventions in various industries. 

    Wrote and self-prosecuted (3) Tesla turbine engine patents.

    Registered to practice patent law before the USPTO, 2014.

    Passed the Professional Engineering licensing exam in mechanical engineering in 1994.

    Written and processed over 110 patents in the last 10 years.

    BSME from University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1985.

    MBA from Heriot-Watt University in Edinborough, Scotland 2000.

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